Scriptaculous 'Draggable' in scrolling container ignores Position.includeScrollOffsets=true ?

UPDATE:  This only happens when “ghosting” is set to true on the draggable – unfortunately, I need ghosting to be enabled on what I am doing… I've been chasing a problem round for about a day now and am convinced there is a problem in the latest version of (v 1.82) – I've created […]

PHP 5 & Apache 2 installation on OSX with MacPorts

Now that MacPorts 1.7.x is finally out I thought I'd re-new my MacPorts installation and document the installation procedure for a basic PHP 5 and Apache 2 setup.   Let me know if anything below fails but it worked fine for me today (20 December 2008). Pre-requisites Read the installing MacPorts guide and get all the […]