C25K Runner Locations

Locations of runners from the Facebook group ‘C25Kers on Facebook‘. To get added to this map, please fill in the form under the map.  To get an existing entry amended please let me know what you want changed on the ‘Leave a reply’ form.

(Want to see the map a bit better?  Hit the ‘Full screen’ link on the top/right of the map!)

To get added to the map, please fill in the form below.

  • ‘Map label’ – the text that will display next to your pin on the map, it can be your real name, a user name or whatever you like.
  • ‘Real name’ – please put however much of your real name that you want here.  You don’t have to put your full name if you don’t want to.
  • ‘Location’ – let me know a village/town/city, or a postcode and I’ll find you on the map.  If outside the UK please let me know which country please 🙂
  • ‘Facebook URL’ – if you want the box that pops up next to your pin to also have a link to your Facebook page then let me know the address, if not then that’s fine also.
  • ‘C25K HealthUnlocked user’ – do you also use the ‘C25K HealthUnlocked forum’?  If you want to leave your user name then this will also be displayed in your details  on the map.
  • ‘Email’ – if you want to leave an email address I can email you when I’ve added your location to the map, or just leave it blank if you’re not bothered.

Filling in the form will send me an email – I’ll add you as soon as I can – thanks!

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