W3C Case Study: A Linked Open Data Resource List Management Tool for Undergraduate Students

For the last few months at work I've been lucky enough to put my RIA hat back on again after a period of absence doing traditional J2EE  and PHP apps with a strong accessibility bent. Working on these kind of apps is something I have enjoyed immensely since first doing a 'rich client' webapp back […]

BT iPlate- bargain gadget for improving your broadband speed

No, it's not another Apple product.  It's a rather simple, yet brilliant, device for those of us suffering poor broadband speeds with noisy lines, a 3-day camel journey away from the 'local' exchange. I bought the iPlate from BroadbandBuyer and it turned up today.  More top service from the excellent BroadbandBuyer site.  It's a 5 […]

Scriptaculous 'Draggable' in scrolling container ignores Position.includeScrollOffsets=true ?

UPDATE:  This only happens when “ghosting” is set to true on the draggable – unfortunately, I need ghosting to be enabled on what I am doing… I've been chasing a problem round for about a day now and am convinced there is a problem in the latest version of Script.aculo.us (v 1.82) – I've created […]