Where did the last few years go?

I’m back, after not really giving this web site (or myself) much attention over the last few years.

Things have been pretty difficult, but, over the last 6 months or so, I feel like I’ve started to find myself again.

I’ve made some changes; as of today I’ve lost 3 stone (42 lb) since November 2013.  I’ve been trying to get healthier during that time also.  For the last 5 weeks I’ve been going through the C25K (Couch to 5K) programme, to be able to run a 5km race, although before that I was doing loads of exercise bike work and brisk walking.  It feels good to have found the ability to ‘get out there’ again and change my life for the better.

I don’t know how much I’ll post on this site but just wanted to check in again, after a long period of absence.

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