Cinema for the masses

I was looking into local Vue cinema times to see “Let Me In“, the US re-make of the fabulous Swedish “Let The Right One In” – sadly the remake has already been relegated to late Saturday evening as the only slot, and it’s only gone on release recently.   Even more sadly, the original didn’t even make it to our local cinema at all and we ended up seeing in in the West End of London.

Why oh why do cinemas in small towns/cities just insist on serving up the same old chaff month after month?  if you want to see the latest brainless purile comedy or some romantic bore-fest then you’re in luck!  Want to see anything else and you’re probably stuck with renting it on DVD unless you’re fortunate enough to have an art-house cinema within reach.

I’ve not got to see “Let Me In” yet – I hope it does the original justice but I somehow doubt it will have the same emotions and qualities of the original.  Some may think the original is “just a vampire movie” yet that is only such a small part of it when really the true themes are about lonliness and friendship.  If you haven’t seen the original then you really should…


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