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I’ve been on the Pro hosting package for a couple of years now at home.  I used to be with DomainCity for several years but after service got worse, email was down regularly and a general lack of features it was time to move.  I posted to the Web Host Chat forum asking for recommendations and Adam from contacted me, advertising their services.  A couple of emails later I was a customer and have never looked back.
In two years I have never had any problem with their service.  In the approx 5 times I have raised a support ticket with a question I think the longest it has taken them to respond with an answer is 20 minutes.  Today I raised a support ticket and got a reply within 2-3 minutes – this seems the norm and is excellent customer service – and on a Saturday too.  Weekends don’t seem to make a difference to how long it takes them to reply.
So, a big ‘thank-you’ to for your excellent service over the last 2 years – I’m a very happy customer!

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