Dragon's Den is always interesting to watch on TV but every so often there's a product on it that sparks your interest and makes you want to go out and buy it. Our first Dragon's Den purchase was a while ago now and was a Yakibox and the most recent one was a trueCall. Don't bother ordering anything from the Yakibox site now as I'm not sure the company is still trading – we ordered some other stuff from them a while back and never received it and never received any replies to emails).  The Yakibox itself is great though! Our trueCall arrived today and has just been plugged in – all good so far, set up and ready to go.  Even though we're on the telephone preference service we still get loads of calls from Indian call centres and silent automated callers.  The TPS cuts down a lot but we're hoping the trueCall will cut it down even more. For those that don't know how it works it basically intercepts your calls and checks if the caller is on your know 'starred' list.  If it is then it lets it straight through and your phone rings.  If it doesn't recognise the number, or it's withheld, your phone doesn't ring and and trueCall intercepts it.  It asks the caller for their name – if nothing is given then it rejects the call without your phone ringing.  If they do leave their name it then rings your phone and announces the caller, giving you chance to either accept the call, reject it or ask them to leave a message.  You can add callers to a permanent 'starred' list (to always get through) or a 'zap' list, to always be blocked. We've tried it from our mobile phones and all seems good, and tried the messaging service and this seems better than BT's 1571 service.  With trueCall's messaging service you can check the list of inbound/outbound calls and messages from the internet and also have a control panel for other settings and star/zap lists. Looking forward to seeing how it performs over the next few weeks!

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