Our ’88 Mini Designer in MiniWorld magazine

It’s been an interesting year so far for our old 1988 Mini ‘Designer’ Mary Quant limited edition.   A month or so ago we were asked to submit some photos to the Mini Designer Register site (currently ‘Mini of the month’ at bottom of front-page and several photos on other pages) and then the webmistress of that site put us in touch with a journalist for MiniWorld who was doing an article on Mary Quant.

I took a batch of photos, sent them off and heard back the other day that a few had been used on the article which is now in the shops. So, if you see the July edition of MiniWorld you’ll find 4 of my pics on page 117 of our little old Mini – hurrah!

The full set of photos, from which 4 were selected are on Flickr for anyone interested.

Mini 'Designer' - Mary Quant

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