Found a reason to use Twitter…eventually!

I've held back from using Twitter for ages as I've never had a reason to want to use it.  The thought of seeing banal messages of "I had beans on toast tonight" just didn't give me a burning desire to sign up.  That changed though at the weekend… On Sunday, as previously mentioned, I was at The Gadget Show Live at the NEC.  I took a couple of (rather poor quality) photos on my N95 cameraphone, as I didn't have my Canon with me, and put them on Flickr.  One of the photos was quite amusing of Jason and Suzi and I remembered Jason commenting at the event "I hope this doesn't get onto YouTube".   When I saw how the photo came out I dropped him an email with the link to Flickr – that was the start of the sequence of events. I'd actually created a Twitter account a couple of weeks before, just to reserve the name, but hadn't used it.  I thought it was now a good time to add The Gadget Show presenters onto my Twitter account to see how it all worked. Next I noticed a comment on Twitter from Suzi regarding my photo I'd posted and emailed to Jason.  I assume she must have told him about it.  It had a tinyurl link to my Flickr photo and the comment "ha ha….nice nips!".  Then the hits started coming in… Yesterday the photo had about 1200 hits and today we're up to about another 150-ish.   Jason has linked to it from his blog and there have been about 67 referrers from there also so far. All this, and a few comments back and forth on Twitter has been really enjoyable and it's interesting to see how Twitter works.   I don't see myself posting many comments that are just statements and not replies to other people, as I still feel that saying if I had beans on toast or not is not interesting to anyone,  but I'll see how it goes. The Gadget Show has been one of my favourite shows on TV for a good few years now and seeing the live event at the weekend was great – can't wait until next year!

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