'To Do' lists, LAMP and finding time

I've known for a good while now that I need to make more time out of work hours to look at the things I don't get chance to do at work.  This list gets longer and longer and the time to look at things on it rarely seems to materialise.  I get bits of time here and there to read up on things, dabble and generally do small bit of work but struggle to find enough long chunks of quality time to get a proper project going.  This has to change before the list of things buzzing around my head gets too unmanageable. Number 1 on my list is to do some traditional LAMP development as it's a hole in my skills.   I'm fine with the L, A and P but have never really done much with MySQL in relation to PHP applications.   I've done loads of SQL over the years – mainly Oracle and Sybase with a bit of SQLServer thrown in but only really dabbled with MySQL and never done any traditional RDBMS stuff with PHP.   When work is focussed with what you could class as Linux/Apache/RDF/PHP and Linux/Apache/SemWeb/PHP I need to ensure I keep a broad skill-set and not totally forget (although I have forgotten a lot already) how to be fluent in SQL. So, top home project is LAMP-based and probably using Zend Framework as a starting point as I've only ever used Zend Mail on that and the framework looks pretty comprehensive.  I've blown the cobwebs off my home dev environment tonight, got a stub Zend project checked into my Subversion 1.5 repository (yes, I know I still need to look at the 1.5 merge tracking features as I'd really like to use it at work) and I'm now ready to get on with it. I just hope I get the time to make some progress with it. I'm not quite sure what the project will be yet – it'll probably just start of as trying out loads of the features the framework supports and see where it leads.  A 'ToDo' list manager would be ironic – spending time creating something to list all the things that I don't find time to do…

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