Thankyou to ThinkMini !

It's been a busy weekend and it doesn't feel like 5 minutes since Friday evening. On Saturday the old Mini went to ThinkMini in Worcester to be checked over and have the oil changed.   Dave at ThinkMini is a top guy – if you cut him in half he would have “Mini” running through the middle of him.  An amazing source of knowledge, advice and help that shows through in his work – he really knows the cars, both old and new, inside and out.   I think he really enjoyed working on our 'Designer', saying many times that he'd never seen one in such great condition.  Most of his work these days is on the new BMW Minis but he still knows everything there is to know about the old ones.  Thanks Dave, looking forward to the next visit for the next bit of work. Saturday afternoon was watching the football and seeing Man Utd were given a royal spanking by Liverpool, along with corresponding with a couple of people regarding our old Mini possibly being published in “Mini World” mag.   The photos have gone to them, and the article is due for the July edition, released sometime in April (go figure!) – hopefully our car will get a decent mention and some good photos published. Sunday was a day out at the in-laws, with an 190 mile round trip, and I've just sat down to rest.    Can I have another weekend please?

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