Respect, politeness…and loads of grip and grunt

The topic of the, seemingly, detiorating levels of respect, politeness and consideration came up several times today.  A few of us went for a walk around the Business Park over lunch and it probably came up after I recountered an event that happened on the way into work today… I needed petrol today and left the M42 northbound at J4 to go to the Tesco petrol station just off the motorway.  I went over the first few sets of traffic lights and had to wait at a red light at the very last set, just before the bend and roundabout leading to the petrol station.  As I was in the (correct) right-hand lane of two I noticed a black car coming up behind me; look like it was going to wait behind me, and then changed his/her (probably 'his') mind and pulled alongside me.  Hmmm…only one reason for that – to sneak a quick start at the lights and try to get in front of me (for whatever selfish reason).  As some god-awful noise eminated from the stereo of the car next to me I couldn't be bothered to look over to see what it was and just waited for the lights, knowing damn well that if they thought they could push in in front of me then they had another thing coming. The lights changed, a little squeal from the tires of the car next to me confirmed their intention and that was the end of their little plan.   Over the lights, into the sharp left bend, hairpin back on yourself at the mini-roundabout and down to the petrol station.  I think they were about 20m behind me as I pulled onto the forecourt.  I hate people who think they can push in front, in any way – in cars, in queues, in general, and if you want to barge in front at some lights then don't try against an 192Bhp small car that loves corners with limited slip differential and dynamic stability control. Disclaimer: I don't generally drive that rapidly, I let people in when they are waiting to pull out, I'm considerate to other road users – just don't try and barge selfishly in front of me!

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