Recruitment agents and LinkedIn

I'm getting a bit tired of lazy recruitment agents and their tactics to try and have an easy ride.   Normally it's just endless email spam about totally irrelevant roles in totally ittelevant locations for a pathetic amount of money.   Most get totally ignored but the exceptionally irrelevant ones get a reply with something along the lines of “What part of my C.V. did you actually think made me relevant for this position?”. Then there are the phone calls…   “Are you looking for work?”   “No, not right now…”   “Do you know anyone who is looking for work?”   “Mind your own business and do the hard work finding them yourselves“. A recent tactic seems to be trying to connect to me on LinkedIn – just so that they can see what other contacts I have and then approach them.   Hmmm….  Nice try but I'm not adding you in, sorry. Unfortunately they are a necessary evil in this line of work.   Over the years I have come across a few good ones – those who know me well, know what I am really looking for, have placed me before and always seem to come up with perfect match roles.  These are the ones to keep in touch with, the ones who take the time to find out what you really want and know when to ring you when something comes up.   Those who cold-call are no better than tele-sales people, using a scatter-gun approach to find someone suitable and annoying the other 99% in the process – they just give the recruiters a bad name. So, to those recruiters who know me well and have always delivered the goods, “thanks”, and keep up the good work.  For those who can't be bothered, I wish you well as it reflects badly on your company and I very much doubt you'll ever place me anywhere. Just to clear things up – for the record, I'm not looking for anything right now – understood?

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