Frustrating week

It's been a frustrating week so far but thankfully it is nearly over….just one more day.   I've been up to my neck in IE7 performance issues, debugging JavaScript events en masse and generally trying to juggle too many balls in my head with numerous distractions going on around me. There are a million and one things that need doing, and another load that we'd like to do but with the very few people we have it feels, to me anyway, that we're struggling to keep our heads above the water.  My morale is not suffering too much yet – the work is interesting – I just wish I had more time to do some background research on things rather than try and just crank through development stories day after day with no respite. To cap it all off it was planning day today.   The day that always seems to deteriorate as the hours go by with frustrations mounting and comments getting increasingly accusatory.  A thank-you would be nice sometimes  – we're all stressed – we're all doing our best – we all want the best for the project and we're all in it together, so let's all just remember that.  If any day can knock the motivation out of you, it's planning day. Tomorrow is another day.   Tonight it's football on TV, installing a Gentoo VM on the laptop, writing this mini-rant and trying to rest.   Tomorrow it'll be back to the IE7 profiling where I just need to put my headphones on, block out distractions and concentrate so that the mental ball-juggling is a tad easier.

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