Windows 7 – just let me download it !

After noticing an announcement on availability of the Windows 7 public beta the other day, I sat at home last night and waited for 8pm GMT to come along to try and get my hands on one of the 2.5 million keys.  Needless to say public demand overloaded the servers and MS decided to pull the release until extra hardware had been thrown at the problem.  Today I noticed another announcement that the 2.5 million copy restriction had been lifted and that it would be generally downloadable for 2 weeks from today. So I opened Firefox, did my registration, got a product key and clicked on the 'Download' link…nothing happened….   Tried it all over again and still nothing happened.  I ended up viewing the source of the page, noticting it was using JavaScript to kick something off, hijacked the URL and opened it in my browser.  Finally I got the download working (through MS's 'download mamager' – yuck!).   At a 2.3-ish Gb download it took ages, and ages, and then with 27 mins left it decided to hang.   Arse!   MS's 'download mangler' didn't resume (what a surprise!) and said the file on the remote server had changed file size.  So either MS has put a different version online at some point in the middle of my download or it just really didn't like the fact I was running Firefox on a Mac… 🙂    On eventually finding a FAQ I noticed that the download was only alleged to work in IE7 and IE7 beta – marvellous… I think I'll boot into my Windows XP VM in VMWare Fusion tomorrow at work and kick off a download in IE7.   If MS really want to make us think they are being more open then it certainly doesn't feel like it!

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