Subversion 1.5 on Gentoo

A couple of weeks ago I needed to look something up regarding Subversion and headed off to grab the latest copy of “Version Control with Subversion” online.  Whilst looking through it I noticed that Subversion 1.5 had been released without me noticing and that there were a couple of interesting new features.  The main one for me was support for tracking merges up from trunk to a branch.   This is always something I have had mixed success with, normally trying to avoid multiple merge ups from trunk or even trying to avoid merging up from trunk at all because of the inevitable issues when merging the branch back down into trunk. Subversion 1.5 allegedly helps with this so I put it on my list of things to do to investigate. The first part of that was done last night when I set up a new Subversion 1.5 repository on my home Gentoo Linux server.  After initially thinking about setting up a general repository for all users and accessing it through Apache/DAV I soon ditched that option due to lack of time and an annoying HTTP 500 error from the repository when trying to authenticate.  In the end, to just get me up and running, I set up a new repository in my own user home directory and accessed it remotely using the SVN+SSH protocol – job done… So the repository is all now set up, I can access it remotely from my MacBook and I'm ready to go with trying out the new Subversion 1.5 merge tracking feature.   More on this soon….

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