Draytek vs. Belkin – no contest!

Over the Christmas break I decided it was time to replace my aging ADSL broadband modem/router.  I've been using a Draytek Vigor 2600We for quite a few years now and it has given me solid, reliable service.   I hardly ever have to reboot it, months apart, and normally only when I've flooded the wireless connection somehow as it's only 802.11b.  My MacBook Pro supports 802.11n-draft and other devices in the house support 802.11g so it was time to think about a faster wireless connection. I ended up, foolishly, walking into PC World and buying (completely on a whim, without looking at any reviews) a Belkin FSD8633.  The one I have may just be a lemon and they may well not all be that bad but, what a pile of crap!  It drops the wireless connection with alarming regularity.  Drops the ADSL connection a couple of times a day.   It never works first thing in the morning and needs a power-cycle to get it working again and generally gives me no sense of confidence or quality at all.   That's after a week of usage and last night I unplugged it and put my Vigor back online in sheer frustration. The Belkin will be going back to PC World on Saturday – that'll teach me for making an impluse purchase like that with no thought when inside I knew I should steer clear of the likes of Belkin, Netgear and Linksys. I'll still probably replace this aging Vigor 2600We but need to do a bit more research first.   Current thinking is that it'll be a Draytek again – maybe the Vigor 2820n

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