BT iPlate- bargain gadget for improving your broadband speed

No, it's not another Apple product.  It's a rather simple, yet brilliant, device for those of us suffering poor broadband speeds with noisy lines, a 3-day camel journey away from the 'local' exchange. I bought the iPlate from BroadbandBuyer and it turned up today.  More top service from the excellent BroadbandBuyer site.  It's a 5 minute job at max to install and it's immediately boosted my broadband connection from something that used to be 1-1.2Meg to just over 3Meg.   What a bargain for a tenner! Time will tell what actual throughput I get but I am optimistic that it'll be a significant boost to what I am used to. If you have a poor ADSL broadband connection it's well worth a go – for £10.00 what have you got to lose?!

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